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Hi, I'm Jessie.

I am a designer and photographer, and I love to spend my days creating - whether that's for my two blogs, custom graphics and logos for brands and websites, my own illustrations or photographing my adventures. As long as I have a least three projects and snacks on hand, I'm happy.


This is where I share the work I'm creating and my experiences of growing an online business - all the ups and downs, the challenges and the successes. If you are trying to do the same, then I hope to help - either through reading and learning from my experiences on the blog, or by using my talents to make your own online biz shine.


I work with passionate creatives and companies to create colorful custom artwork and designs to suit your needs. If you have an idea in mind, then head here to read about my design packages. If you want to see more of what I can do, check out my portfolio and my Instagram




Latest Work:

branding for artists, creative entrepreneurs
branding for photographers
branding styling, logo design, logo inspiration
branding, brand styling, how to style a brand, moodboard
branding for bloggers and writers

Jessie Broad

Hey there! I'm stoked you're here. I'm Jessie Broad, the creator, designer and blogger behind Little Broad Creative. I have an obsession with the digital world, and have spent the last few years learning and sharing my knowledge on blogging, photography, and being a creative online.

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